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Back to the roots

Dużo czasu już minęło jak się z Doorsami rozstałem... Ale jak widać nie do końca. Dzi¶ muzyczny wieczór pod tytułem 'Back to '60 & '70'...

     'Now, run to the mirror in the bathroom
      I can't live thru each slow century of her moving
      I let my cheek slide down
      The cool smooth tile
      Feel the good cold stinging blood
      The smooth hissing snakes of rain . . .

      Once I had, a little game
      I liked to crawl back into my brain
      I think you know the game I mean
      I mean the game called 'go insane'

      Now you should try this little game
      Just close your eyes forget your name
      Forget the world forget the people
      And we'll erect a different steeple

      This little game is fun to do
      Just close your eyes no way to lose
      And I'm right there I'm going too
      Release control we're breaking thru'
         [The Doors, fragment Celebration of the Lizard]

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